Wednesday, 23 October 2013

independent Contractors and staff managers in 2014 odesk Readiness test For test response

Independent contractors and staff managers in 2014 oDesk readiness test for test response1. A good profile that includes the following ?Answer: e . All of the above .
Two . oDesk is the secret of being a successful freelancer ?Answer: e . All of the above .
Three. Which of the following is true about fixed price job ?Answer: e . All of the above .
April. Before applying for a job , what questions should you ask ?Answer: d. Foregoing
May. Which of the following statements is true about the jobs ?Answer: d. Foregoing
June. I think oDesk for success ?Answer: e . Foregoing
July . You are doing the right thing is a great way to prove ?Answer: c. To prove you have the necessary skills , a payment at the end " test project " to offer .
August. The equipment described in the application is false ?Answer: c. Application equipment should be used for fixed price contracts .
9. Thanked 10 % in oDesk clients he takes the deal .Answer : a. Really
10th. This question is based on the data shown belowQuestionTo attract customers the best image profile How does this work?Answer : a. Picture of me smiling . It is considered more reliable and enjoyable due .

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