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Fresh News

Official support groups

2013-08-19 11:28 by Admin

Hi all,
We need to stay closer to our users. So we seen need to create few groups with some languages.
There is some official support groups:
Join these groups, and get official support.
We are looking for moderators in USA, Spanish and Russian.
To apply, send us a private message by our You must have to include theese informations: Your email and your Referral ID.
Only applications with 25+ referrals, will be considered.

Best Regards,
CoinBeez Administration

First day online

2013-08-17 18:57 by Admin

Hi all,
24 hours have been passed since 16:19 (GMT) yesterday.

We are happy to announce 2107 sign ups in first 24 hours. Our partners are really happy with results, and they want to invest more in CoinBeez than in beggining. We decided make some changes on our layout, and create a really good image.

Today we have implemented one more feature. If you check your dashboard, now you can see number of accesses to your referral link.

We will need some human resources to help us getting work done. For all we aren't hiring, but in next weeks, we will need people to apply on follow roles:
  • English supporter
  • Spanish supporter
  • Portuguese supporter
  • Russian supporter
  • Web developer
  • C# developer

Thank you to join us, and suppor our project. You won't regret supporting us!

Enjoy your weekend, and don't forget to get fun!!!

Best Regards,
CoinBeez Administration

Recent site updates

17-08-2013 02:34 by Admin

Hi all,
We are glad to talk for the first time to ours users since we launched this evening at 16:19 at GMT time.

We don't like to keep our website died. We like to create life, and make changes. During this day, we got more than 4.000 unique page views, and at this hour we got 850 sign ups.

All administration and our partners are very happy with this results. For this reason, we would like to announce the increase of Co-founders to 1500 members.

Some changes are made today on our website. Things like performance issues, some design, and inclusion of this News articles sections. This changes was based on feedback we received via Facebook messages. So, we invite you to like our official Facebook page available on

Some changes we have planned to do, and more details we want to provide to you. So, we want to give our promise right now: If you stay tuned, you'll get updates, about all our new features.

We hope you have a good weekend, and we appreciate your attention and your time!

Best Regards,
CoinBeez Administration

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