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Welcome to CoinBeez!

Throughout the years, mankind always tried to build and develop great things, researching and developing on several areas of investigation. The current technology allows us to build new technology, being an endless way for us to get easier tasks to complete our objetives and to have less work to accomplish them.

But there are so many areas that need our help to generate work through computer processing, such as banking companies, science foundations or other researching agencies. Processing power is expensive and we found a way to generate the required processing power from your computer! Basically, you will rent some of your processing power from your computer, and get payed for doing that!

In the meantime, we're building our software to process scripts and negotiating with some companies to rent our processing power to them. For privacy and security reasons, we have another company to sell our processing services. CoinBeez is just a company that pays their users that offer their available processing power.

We are expecting a big team before the software launch, and we want to grow up with you. So right now, we're only accepting sign ups to allow you to build your team, in order to make CoinBeez the best company of the market!

Best Regards,
CoinBeez Administration

Who is building a supercomputer?

CoinBeez, Ltd

We do not selling our processing power directly to the needing companies. We do exist because another company sells processing power, hosts services and web solutions.

So, basically we are a vendor of that companies. Our partners pay us the previous month's processing power and by month. So, our objective is to pay our users their share of processing power, and then make a resell to our partners.

Why are we in Belize?

We are conscious about some countries laws. And we know that some people cannot have incomes without declaring them to tax/financial offices. So, the reason behind the location in Belize city, is that we can transfer money to you without any problem and without any tax worries or responsabilities.

Which payment methods we'll have available?
We plan to use PayPal initially, but we are studying and considering another payment processors like EgoPay, Payza, Neteller, Bitcoin or another. You are free to suggest any low rate payment gateway, so that we can study them and find a way to implement them here

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