Wednesday, 23 October 2013

in word 2003 microsoft odesk test Answers Test

In Word 2003 Microsoft oDesk test answers oDesk Test Answers
01. How will you go to a Web page that you can create a box around the text. As shown in Figure ?Re : Rectangle drawing tool with the test environment Draws a rectangle .02. A document of several paragraphs , documents the increasing emergence paragraph spacing can be improved. Word , allowing you to add the location in the embedded option ?Answer: Click on Format , Paragraph, section Spacing and the " before" and "after" change.03. Indicates whether the following statement is true or false .Re : False04. What is Word 2003 tab ?Answer: If you put text on a page and the alignment of the set position.05. Merge feature in the main menu which is ?The Tools menu06. How can a Word 2003 document , you can insert a sound file ?Re : Insert from > Object menu option .07. Which of the figures contained in the source text has been applied ?Answer: Relief08. You prepare a table in a Word 2003 document , click a cell and then you can see the features and options and data. Dividing out cell data options . What is the power functionRe : More rows and columns of a table to split an existing cell .09. Your own text and graphics using Word 2003 for a 3 - D ( three dimensions ) can influence ?ANSWER: Yes10a . Create your immediate correspondence and other documents such as letters and invitations to interview two different data files by using the Word 2003 allows ?Re : Mail Merge11. The word "trick" of the letter 'I' and ' C ' and the Delete key is pressed with the cursor is shown on the screen. Word is displayed on the screen?Answer: Press Ctrl + Shift + hyphen12. Click on the menu on the left as you enter the page click option opens a pop -up window . Which of the following menus / pop -up is available ?Re : Location13. CTRL + B shortcut you get Word 2003 ?Answer: Makes the selected text bold .14. State whether true or falseAvailable by pressing CTRL + F key combination to open the Find dialog box and ReplaceAnswer: It is true15. Take my word document into a cell of an existing table 2003 , you can insert a new table.Answer: Yes .16. Edit data tab in Tools> Options menu , click Options, and the type of activity performed shows potation has been examined .Answer: It is a blank area of ​​a document quickly , graphs, tables or other objects can add text.17. The word " fool" the delete key letter ' I' and ' C ' and press the cursor is shown on the screen. Word is displayed on the screen?

18. Text documents are used instead of dating , which of the following actions ( " ) are quotation marks ( " ) .Re : Tools> Auto Format19. File Settings> Data Page shows the Margins tab. Gas range through September was 0.1 . " What is a binding margin ?Re : attaching a little more space when needed to cut the size of the page in the page on the right .20 . My title bar of Microsoft Word 2003 on the top of the window. Laft corner consists >Maximize Button : Return

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