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Test Odesk Answers Excel 2003 New

oDesk Test Answers Excel 2003
01. Even if you do not have Excel installed HTML format saved in an Excel Workbook Internet or intranet users to access the data allows
Answer: It is true

02. After creating the table, only the modified data as cells in a spreadsheet on a graph can be changed
Answer: False

03. Format dialog box appears for you to double- click a chart element.
Answer: It is true

04. A part of the day in a cell in Excel decimal representation is saved as part
Answer: It is true

05. PMT function to a variable interest rate , payment and time period on the basis of a loan is used to calculate payments .
Answer: False

06. Apparently , the grid lines appear in copies work.
Answer: False

Answer: It is true

08. Enter the text in a cell does not fit, so long Excel text to indicate that the # # # # # # # show
Answer: It is true

09. By default , the data of a cell is focused
Answer: False

10a . A new row is added to an Excel spreadsheet , by default , the row will be inserted below the active cell.
Answer: True

11. To insert a row , click Insert Row
Answer: It is true

12. Options window is divided into spreadsheet causes vessels .
Answer: False

13. nonadjacent cells , columns or rows to select , it must
Re : column , row headers or specific cells hold the Ctrl key while clicking

14. Is a ( a) makes the selected cell to copy to a new location , while the selected cells around the mouse pointer to any position on the border should
Re : arrow pointer

 15. Binding data was in a cell with a link to change automatically to other cells have
Answer: It is true

16. Move selected cells and cell contents can be copied to a worksheet , between worksheets , but not
Answer: False

17. What is the function menu window , side by side in order to make comparisons sick?
Answer: two or more books at a time allows you to scroll through

18. Below are applied to the data set ( B4) ) , 0, mode (B1, B4) ISNA ( mode (B1) if the event occurs ?
Answer: 0

19. Which of the following functions would return a value of 8 ?
Re : round ( 8.4999 , 0)

20 . Date and time of the event that a number of months before or after you use the last day of the month to return the serial number?

21. Which of the following shortcuts in the same cell to enter a new line can be used for ?
Re : ALT + Enter

22. The number that follows a series of events that the most likely use to find the number ?
Re : max ( B1: B3)

23. Quartile function of which of the following statements is not true ?
Re : Median function when applied to the same matrix (array ) and Quartilearry , 2 ) , different values ​​are returned

24. You a cell without applying any formats to a date as the 4/6 is introduced . By default , Excel will treat this date is recorded as :
Re : History

25 . This question is shown below is based on data
If we use the formula = A2 + B2 , as shown in the figure is the value in cell C2 ?
Answer: 120

26. Work on the quickest way to select all columns have ?
Re : column headings and row titles and white to match the header row of the upper left corner , click the gray rectangle

27. Now () is used to return ?
Re : Serial number returns the current date and time

28. Only integers between 1 and 100 can be introduced into a cell that can be used to limit values ​​. The Options menu allows you to do this ?
Re : Data> Validation Settings tab menu under

29. Start Microsoft Excel and automatically at boot not want to run a macro.
What to do?
Answer: During boot hold down the Ctrl key

30. As autocomplete in Excel that helps you save time ?
Answer: The short term fully automatic

31.The figure shows the view is a standard toolbar . What event marked by the letter Z button is done ?
Re : formatting properties a copy phones.

32 . All blank cells in the worksheet , how to choose ?
Answer: automatically using the built-in function is not as it should be manually

33 . The figure shows an Excel spreadsheet . Row F shows me month ( row 1 ) and products ( column ) column shows you want to do ?
Re : select cell A1, and the menu Window> Freeze Panes , click Freeze Panes

34 . Drawing data from the toolbar shows a view . What event marked by the letter X button is done ?
Answer: The increase in the leaf of a diagram or Organization

35 . Using the Document Workspace , Document Workspace , you can not directly copy , but the Document Workspace site on your copyright has been reserved for the regular updating of the changes you can update your working copy can .
Answer: It is true

36 . The event will occur if ( ISNA (mode ( B1 : This applies to the following series of figures when B4 ) ) ?
Re : # N / A

37 . List is automatically created when the filter drop-down are included in the list header .
Answer: It is true

38 . The data shown in the toolbar ?
Re : Form Toolbar

39 . You have to clear a cell when you lose the cell formatting .
Answer: False

40 . What is the AutoSum button , protruding above the active cell is in search of a range of numbers.
Answer: It is true

41 . He moved to other places when a formula is copied to a relative cell reference changes .
Answer: True

42 . The cell entries are changed , the values ​​and formulas automatically enter the cell containing the formula.
Answer: False

43 . short to stretch the image , the image left or right , use the resize handle between.
Answer: False

44 . Which of the following is not a tab in the Options dialog box chart?
Re : Message

45 . This is the default chart graph
Re : Column Chart

46 . Which of the following shows the contents of the active cell ?
Y: Formula bar

47 . Donelp you do ?
Re : Open Window menu , select the cells and click Hide

48 . In view of the data shows the standard toolbar . What event marked by the letter Y button is done by
Answer: The values ​​of the selected cells is called

49 . Print worksheet in your specific area , but after printing the File> Print> Print What > Click to select cells under selection to select a small range . What?
The selected area will be printed

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