Tuesday, 29 October 2013

oDesk online work oDesk readiness test updated answers

Preparing answers oDesk testsSearch oDesk readiness test updated answersThe world 's largest oDesk online work outsourcing market.
Independent contractors, businessmen and thousands of businesses are registered on oDesk . Contractor to pay for a pending job / employment use oDesk to find . An affordable cost employers use to find suitable contractors .
If you are new to oDesk Your first contract is to create a profile . If a condition of employment oDesk tests before application to Reediness . The test covers the basics usually consists of 11 questions , you should know , oDesk to be successful as an independent contractor .
Here you can find a sample questionnaire and responses are oDesk readiness test .
However, you should consult the help files and other resources before starting his work on oDesk oDesk.com. We experienced an important factor for successful freelance career may know it.
Good Luck !Which of the following is not permitted on oDeskAn account shared between several people.open more than one account on oDesk
Your profile picture as a logo or clip art to use
Using a false name
ODesk Team application to track records which of the followingTurn the screen curtain once a billing agreementthe number of keystrokesMouse clicksMemo entered by the contactorForegoing

Which of the following is required to qualify for guaranteed payment ?Type one hourTrack your time with the oDesk Team application.Entering related memosAn employer with confirmation of payment proceduresForegoing
I? can start my own agency on oDesk ?Yes, you create a new agency or service can make money by sellingNumber oDesk is for independent contractors
What happens when a contract ends ?You have access to agenda looseBoth users can leave commentsThe voting system is a double- blindNormal scheduled weekly hours of payment (a dispute can be filed ) will be billedForegoing
Which of the following statements is true about oDesk your agenda ?When contractors are working on their employers and to allow forContact us for hourly billing enables automaticYou can check the daily work at oDesk Team application auto- tracksTime has not added manually , but can not guarantee paymentForegoing
Which of the following statements is true about oDesk dispute process ?The litigation process only applies to contracts for HoursIf your answer is no , then oDesk employer back and your account will be suspendedIf you reject the dispute , oDesk guarantees payment of experts to review standards and evaluation agenda willRuled in favor of the employer disputes are returningForegoing
oDesk fees Which of the following statements is false ?employment oDesk fee is 10% of the employer paidODesk is free to joinOdesk contractors and employment app is free to work in theFee is $ 2 per hour for hours oDesk contractsForegoing
Which of the following statements is true about fixed price contracts ?Employer billed automatically every weekPay, payment is at the discretion of the owner andYour profile will appear on hours workedTime tracking needsODesk payment guarantee of quality
When applying for job openings Which of the following actions are not allowed ?Your skills , experience , portfolio , etc. MisrepresentingPresentation times , or common placeholder bids or other spamDirect contact information revelationForegoing
Contracts per hour weekly limit which of the following is false aboutEmployer greater than the limit on weekly hours will not be chargedWith your employer to work beyond this limit should talk about the need forThe weekly limit can be changed by contractorThe weekly limit can be changed by employerMore hours weekly limit does not guarantee payment

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