Monday, 30 September 2013

Welcome to pakistan Forex forum New 2013

    Welcome to PAKISTAN Forex Forum

1. Non- registration of multiple profiles for a user. Users who have more than one nickname in the forum will be banned without notice.Two . Management reserves the right to reject an application for registration in case the nickname specified in it is similar to the existing forum contains ad or contradicts ethical principles.Three . Spamming users will be banned without notice.April . Do not post any information which is false , defamatory , or that violates any law .May . Respect other forum members . No threat , insult , hassle , harass or abuse any person in the forum. After third warning will be banned.June . It prohibits the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials . If you publish an article you must add the link to the original resource , too.July . Do not respond if necessary. Messages or messages containing only smiles without inherent meaning or be deleted without notice.August . Before starting a thread , make sure no issues with similar content. Reproduction or multiplication of the topics / posts .9. Select the right section to post in. Forum Littering is not desirable.10 . Ensure that the language of the forum is English / Hinglish / Hindi. Unreadable messages will be removed in other languages.11. No abuse of text markers and "Caps Lock" in place and signatures. Check only the important information .12. The maximum possible signature of four lines. The maximum number of external links in the signature is 2 . The font size maximum is 2 .13. If you use outside services to upload photos ( photo hosting ) , make sure the images are the following parameters : 800x600 px and 200 kb .14. Materials placed in the author's forum is the property of the forum. The user who placed this material has no right to demand its deletion or editing.15.Unauthorized advertising is prohibited beyond the framework of the planned section .16. Offers advertising in the forum or in the firm must comply with the content of the forum and forum rules .17. The board administrator reserves the right to request the placement of a backlink to the home page of Indian Forex Forum on the main page of a site, which is promoted India forum by their representatives or partners. This condition is not required in the event that the Administration did not make a request. Each case is considered individually.18. The board administrator reserves the right to remove and (or ) topics / posts / correct signatures without explanation.19. The board administrator reserves the right to change the topics / posts without providing reasons if it considers the initial placement of the topics / posts indecent .
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