Saturday, 30 November 2013

Google Adsense Account approval Trick just 2 hours 2014-15

Today I easily answered by Google in just 2 hours you can get a Google AdSense for Pakistan to show I'm going to move fast approval . Google recently changed their policy approved AdSense account has been approved and now they are 2 different accounts but I am going to share two of moves by Google emails with Welcome 2 hours , although I will approve your account . But the other (of course the U.S. ) working days and working hours applying make sure that before you apply late reply you can view .
Google Adsense Requirements.

    You need to open the AdSense account is a basic thing , of course , which is only given to people 18 + ID card. If your age when you apply on behalf of your parents until you can not participate in the program, compared to 18 is low .

    You run a web site or blog site is under construction, otherwise your application will not be approved , Google will make sure .

    To create a website is not a big deal , the real problem is to get traffic from the search engines than your blog for a few months and a lot less traffic than applying for AdSense 's .

    No adult content of your website , forums , gaming sites , hacking and hate site should be in accordance with Google 's terms and conditions .

Google Adsense Tips Fast Approval .

    In Pakistan the best way to make a Google AdSense account, first create your own web site or blog , and for that application .and Google can ban your account for future accounts .

    Unfortunately , many AdSense accounts through fraudulent sales practices are , Google will now only blog or website registered more than 6 months of age is approved for people who have accounts . They make their own account at free of cost , so people are buying AdSense account because I do not understand . AdSense account is a piece of cake to make and any one with his or her blog can apply for it .

    The best idea to buy your own top-level domain and webhosting and WordPress install will be compared . You go with Blogger , but it looks more professional as the top level domain redirect to your Blogger blog sure can . After creating your blog about your blog site from 10 to 20 write unique and quality articles .

    Now the next step is to bring traffic to your blog will be . Get organic traffic to your website for the search engines is to optimize your blog . But at the same time you like Twitter , social media websites like Facebook can bring the traffic

    India , Pakistan and China, primarily in some countries like Google domain registration website with more than 6 months accepts applications . But it's a hard and fast rule . You are passionate and Google initially approve your account may well vary but are unique thoughts .

    Also about your blog we ensure that , contact us and DART Cookie Google AdSense pages with the Privacy Policy should be mentioned in the policy .

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