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Captcha work without investment Magatypers AT Home Free

More than $ 200 a enterprise workforce management services that require institutions data entry services . Our principal aim editable digital documents by converting the scanned documents to support the digital needs of our customers. Our services also neural network recognition text , voice to text transcription Fully Automated Public Turing test and visually impaired ( blind ) to tell Computers and Humans include image recognition .
At this time we are looking typers worldwide . You need to work together with us to have an Internet connection of at least 10 words per minute with the possibility of writing a computer. Our schedules are flexible . If at any time you want, as long as you can work for good. The faster you type the more cash you is ideal for:· That the mothers stay at home.· That parents need to work together .· Students.· People between jobs .The amount you earn depends on how much. Our main TYPERS each month between $ 100 and win $ 250! When writing our prices start at $ 0.50 per 1,000 words and 1,000 words to write each one can go up to $ 1.5. We debit card , bank check, PayPal , WebMoney 's , Liberty Reserve and pay through Western Union.1000 images payment rate :time

Payout rates per 1,000 images:


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 Welcome to
Easier and faster to make money online form. Please read this little tutorial before proceeding.
You can start working by clicking on "Solve Images" in the upper left corner of the screen

Images Click Resolve to start working.
You will write the text as shown in the pictures and press then press Enter. The images begin to appear one by one automatically.

You must press the Enter key after typing the text
Each image must be written with the correct character for each letter.
This is an example of an image with uppercase and lowercase.
Some of the images are only partially legible, must write readable parts of the image, even if it means leaving out unreadable.

Partially Readable Image

If an image is completely unreadable, you can click on the image illegible that you immediately want to jump button.You can press the ESC key "do not know".
 Reload Image
It can also be noted that there is a timer that runs on top of the images. You write the content of the images before the time runs out.
Write fast! Do not let the timer run out!
When you want to take a break, type the text (do not press Enter) And click SEND AND PAUSE.This is the only way to pause. We'll know when you leave the page or close the browser.
Enter the text (do not press Enter) and click the SEND button and pause to take a break
In, the money you earn depends on how much you work and when you work.
The amount of money you earn will depend Rates. A Change will show how much money you will win if you type 1000 images. For example: If you have a rate of $ 0.50 per 1,000 images, then you will earn $ 0.50 in 1000 when writing images.
The rates will be changing every hour. You can check the rate for each hour of the day in the "Solve Images" and "Statistics" page. The rate for the current time is highlighted
Example of prices shown. These are not the current rates!
For details of how much you've won, you can go to "Profile and Payments" page. Here you will find information on:
· The balance or the amount of money that has accumulated so far.
· The minimum balance required to receive payment.
· And other information about your financial situation.

You can also request a payment by clicking the payment button APPLICATION if you have met the minimum balance requirements.
And finally, please read the "Rules" page. Here you will find clear guidelines about what not to do while working on You can find the "Rules" page after clicking on "Help".
To go to the Rules page , you can click Help first. is constantly evolving , we recommend that you look into any other page that was not mentioned in this tutorial !
Thank you for joining ! Remember, the faster you work the more you earn !

Rules and Tips:
WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE STARTING WORK . INVEST IN 5 MINUTES reading this page will help you save a lot of time and help you work PROPERLY .
· Work quickly
This is both a rule and a council . You will make more money in less time if you work faster. In addition, your account will be permanently suspended if the timer frequency ratio maturities .
• Write correctly. Even uppercase and lowercase !
Always read and review what you type before pressing Enter. It is very important that you write as accurately as possible. You also need to write uppercase (capital ) and lowercase (small letters ) exactly as they are shown in the images.
Your account may be suspended permanently if you make too many typos.
· No type of rubbish!
We understand that anyone can make some mistakes when writing , but it is a very serious crime to write about incorrect text . Any text that no likeness of the image content is considered "junk" . We will suspend your account and will not be paid if you enter text garbage.
Just click " do not know" when necessaryJust click " DK " for images that can not be read after loading . Sometimes the images will take a few seconds to load. Avoid clicking " DK " until the image is loaded correctly .· Scammers sell software , do not use !Some scammers sell software that is intended to make images appear faster. This is not true . The only thing that could improve the speed with which the images are displayed is improving the internet connection that you are currently using. Using these programs can potentially harm your computer and they will get your account suspended .· Never try to cheatFollow your instincts , if you think something is wrong, then do not. We are excited to have him as part of our team, but we have zero tolerance for cheaters . Do not risk getting your account suspended and lose your money ! Work with honesty and assure repayment.Tips:· The images do not load fast enough?If the timer is running and the images do not load fast enough, then you might have a problem with your Internet connection . Make sure you are not downloading anything and no one else is using the internet while you are working.If the images are still not loading in time , you should upgrade to a faster Internet connection .· Press the Esc key as a shortcut to the " DO NOT KNOW "
Pressing the Esc key will do the same action as clicking on the "DK".
Work with 2 pictures of the word (Various Tips)
or Always leave a space between the two words:
o If one of the words is only partially legible, then type the readable part (try to avoid the "DK")
 o You do not have to write the symbols of punctuation.

 Images with spaces and separation letter
Be careful with images that seem to have spaces between the letters, most of them do not! You only need to enter the space images having 2 words.
Just focusing on the main text
There are some images that appear to have the small text at the top or at the bottom. Avoid writing this short story! Just write the largest and most visible image files.
Type faster take free lessons Typing
You can improve your typing speed if substantially free typing lessons taken. I used the free software to improve my typing speed and now I can type much faster! I went from 30 wpm to 60 wpm. I've been using computers for over 10 years and I've never written so fast as now.
Use Google to find "writing free software" and improve your results! I personally prefer RapidTyping (English only software).
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Invitation code: 1MB
Invitation code: 1ME
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Invitation code: 1M9
Invitation code: 1LM
Invitation code: 1LL
Invitation code: 36P

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