Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sitetalk membership points free packages

The star club membership you would like to subscribe to " Star club membership " menu, select the package you want and click . However, by using PayPal you can pay four packages available , are presented. With your subscription end date can be found here .


How do you increase your points if you want to take a look at your menu in the " History" can do so by clicking on . Are you a Star Club member , your daily weekly and monthly lists can break date . If you are not yet a member , you can view weekly and monthly points only .

Now you more points, even five times as much as non- members can obtain know-how . Let's see how this translates into real little credit :

First, you start to transfer a minimum of 1,000 points required to submit
For each transfer , you get 1500 points , you will get 150 C credits if the credits will receive 1 to 10 points .

How many credits is it good for ? Anything! Let 's look at an example :

You can purchase a deal
You bid for items in the auction , which allows bidding , you can buy
If you can use in sports , your credit can play against each other or you can enter a competition Saturday game
You can send gifts to your friends
With an invitation can send it with a gift .

Has not been mentioned yet important things that one does not exist. Not enabled on your Web site , you can also lose points . How do we measure it ? For 28 days , you can not log in to the Web site , you , 28th day , you lose all points and 0 points you will have to start from scratch with . You will not lose your points , so that every day in

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